Kids with ADD, ADHD, and Autism …..and Shaklee

I came across this article from SRKindredSpirits about kids with ADD, ADHD, and Autism. It is amazing the power of a safe option like vitamins:  (for more information on great products for kids, try this starting point.)

There is research that shows Shaklee Vitamins have helped children with ADD, ADHD, ASD and Many other disorders. 
Our son, QW has NOT been diagnosed with autism or ADD or ADHD; however he has been diagnosed with Autism Symptoms, delayed speech and multiple developmentally slow learning disabilities and other spectrum disorders. 
We are doing an experiment with Shaklee supplements of our own (of course, with advice and guideance from an experienced herbalist that he sees every 3 months.)
We (family, Sunday school teachers and many others included) have seen a BIG improvement in QW since he has been on Shaklee (even better improvement than when he was in therapy three days a week). I’m sure he will improve even more as we keep adding to his daily Shaklee supplements. (Right now, he can’t swallow some vitamins and I haven’t found ‘the perfect food’ to disguise them in yet!)
 We have also cut back on sweets, processed foods, MSG & additives. (I could do better at this, I do it a little at a time.) I do bake with alot of flax seed. We only buy farm raised grass fed beef (it’s so much better for you!) This year we started raising our own grass fed beef. We also use our own fresh eggs and chicken, and I home can most of my own sauces, soups, veggies and fruit. Starting in Sept., we’ll have fresh goats milk, and cheese too!
 I only clean with Shaklee “Get Clean" cleaners, dish soap, hand soap, disinfect, scour off & laundry, shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, toothpaste etc. and that has made a big difference in our whole house and family.
As of now, QW is taking the following Shaklee Supplements:
Chewable Vitamin C
Optiflora –both prebiotic and probiotic
Chewable Cal/Mag
Chewable Multi Vitamin – Ocean Wonders


Mental Acuity Plus

Soy Protein – in protein bars – everyone loves them!
Vitamin B Complex
Zinc Complex
Some of QW’s improvements we have noticed since using Shaklee:
Not rubbing his head continuously
Talking more clearly – not whining nearly as much
Using more words and speaking complete sentences
Memorizes short bible verses for Sunday school (sometimes only the first few words are right – but it’s an improvement!)
Will sit still for 5 -10 min. at a time
Will answer questions in Sunday school about the lesson and has been winning quite a few quiet seat prizes!
Will color and ‘draw’ pictures
Can understand things better
Is helping with small chores – feeding animals, picking up rooms, carrying dishes to the sink, putting away laundry, etc.
Will sing a song by himself – also hums a tune when big sister plays the piano
 – I’m sure that I am missing some things….. But, hopefully this will give you a little bit of an idea though! (He is still a very active little boy, but we see improvements everyday!)

QW in Sunday School…. trying to follow along in his Bible!
We can’t say enough about how great Shaklee products have been for our family! You can read more of our story (about our fight with our daughter’s health) and the reason why we want to share Shaklee with you here! It amazes me how so many people keep using prescription meds or reg. store synthetic vitamins to treat health problems, yet year after year, they do not change for the better! Drugs treat the symptoms (and cause others) Shaklee treats the cause! This we have seen right in front of our eyes!

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