LG G4 leaked in the most revealing and massive collection of photos yet


LG was planning on waiting until April 28th to fully unveil their latest pride and joy, but those plans were spoiled over the weekend. The company seemingly accidentally published a massive collection of revealing photos on a pre-launch minisite they were testing, and as luck would have it the most experienced leakster happened to stumble upon it.


The minisite was taken down as of the time of this writing, but the photos live on thanks to the internet’s inability to truly delete anything. So what new have we learned? Aside from confirmation of a few pieces of specs — namely, the removable 3,000mAh battery, a 16 megapixel OIS camera, a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 display and a microSD slot — we have a pretty good idea of what the thing will look like.

For starters, the stitched “leather” backing teased in invites is real, though it won’t be the only option. The photos revealed a collection of handsets sporting a more traditional looking backplate in 3 classic colors.


That said, if you like the leather look and feel you’ll be happy to know there are quite a few colors to choose from:

  • Black
  • Light Brown
  • Mahogany
  • Light Blu
  • Tan
  • Yellow

The photos also reveal that the backplate is removable to grant access to the battery and SIM card try. This not only means you can swap batteries but also swap backplates — how could would it be to get a different looking backplate depending on which style suits you and your wardrobe on a particular day?


Circling around to the front of the device doesn’t reveal much out of the ordinary, though LG looks to be using some sort of mesh-looking pattern to accent the bezels instead of the plain, jet black look we’ve gown accustomed to.

lg-g4-microsite-leak13.0 lg-g4-microsite-leak12.0 lg-g4-microsite-leak11.0 lg-g4-microsite-leak10.0

The leak also gave us an early look at LG’s QuickCircle folio case that’ll give you a look at pertinent information on a limited area of the display without having to remove the cover. Pretty standard stuff that we don’t expect to bring any surprises we haven’t already experienced on LG’s prior devices.


Rounding it all out is a decent look at the device’s software, which looks to be a nice take on Android 5.0 Lollipop with a flat, clean user interface and heavy dosage of Google’s Material Design.

lg-g4-microsite-leak9 lg-g4-microsite-leak8 lg-g4-microsite-leak7

So what do you think? We know LG will present a smartphone worth attention and money once April 28th hits, but is it looking like something you want to carry day after day? Sound off below, and be sure to stick around as we’re bound to hear more leading up to the days of the company’s big reveal.

lg-g4-microsite-leak14.0 lg-g4-microsite-leak5.0 lg-g4-microsite-leak4.0 lg-g4-microsite-leak3.0 lg-g4-microsite-leak2.0 lg-g4-microsite-leak1.0 lg-g4-microsite-leak9.0 lg-g4-microsite-leak15

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