Meerkat for Android is now in open beta and in the Google Play Store

meerkat screens

Meerkat is the newest quick live streaming platform that allows you to quickly launch a live stream from your phone and broadcast it to your followers on Twitter. It’s been in closed beta to this point, but the company has made it available to anyone able to download apps from Google Play as of today.

Meerkat’s schtick is that they don’t allow folks to rewatch broadcasts after the fact — once it’s over, it’s over (though you’re free to save a copy on your end and upload it to YouTube if you want). Other than that, there’s nothing really over the top or out of the ordinary about it.

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s free and it’s now available for anyone to download. Oh, and it’s also in beta so expect some weird quirkiness as they work out the kinks — otherwise you might find yourself turned upside down like Derek did when he gave it a spin for himself. Head here for the download.

meerkat upside down beta lol

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