Melt Testing Shaklee -vs- Centrum

I created this video to show how easily dissolved the Shaklee vitamins are.  This video compares a normal non-chewable vitamin from Shaklee (Men’s VitaLea) vs a chewable Centrum vitamin.  You can see how the Shaklee vitamin dissolves so much quicker then the Centrum.  Check out how much of each is left at the end of the video.

 I also found this article that talks about the same scenario:


There are 3 tests that you can do to check your vitamins to make sure you are getting the best quality and not a synthetic version.

1.  The Water Test
If a vitamin does not dissolve in water in less than 30 minutes, it just passes through your body unused.  I tested several leading brands on the market as well as the prescribed prenatal multivitamin that I originally had when I was pregnant with my first daughter. These vitamins did not dissolve in 30 minutes, not even close! Plus, the water turned bright blue from large amounts of food coloring in the coating.

(There are two major problems with the water turning blue.

1.   Food coloring is also used to color candy, beverages and baked goods, and this may cause cancer.

2.  Food coloring can also be found in pet food, candy and beverages, and has caused brain tumors in mice.

It was very upsetting to find that this in the prenatal vitamins I would be giving my growing baby along with other vitamins I tested.   Shaklee’s vitamin dissolved completely in 10 minutes with no food coloring. There are no colors or harmful additives in Shaklee vitamins.

The prenatal vitamin also included a calcium pill.  Calcium is the hardest to break down in water so not many pass this test. Not a single speck dissolved off of it in 24 HOURS!!!!  However, Shaklee’s fully dissolved in 10 minutes…again!!

2. The Cooking Test

Another test I did was the cooking test.

You can literally “bake” your vitamins at 325 degrees.  If there are harsh binders and fillers in the vitamins they will cook out.  I could not believe what I found when I baked my prenatal along with the other vitamins! There was a black tar like substance that oozed out of it and it was very disturbing!

Nothing came out of Shaklee’s because it is a whole-food supplement so it was just like cooking food!

3. Final Test

I compared the vitamin and mineral level that the prenatal and other leading brands had contained vs. Shaklee’s Vita-Lea (their multivitamin). VitaLea had almost twice as much in it!

After several years of taking Shaklee’s essential foundational vitamins and protein, the true test is in how I feel and my family feels. Hardly ever being sick and always being full of energy has been a true test over time for me! I highly recommend switching your vitamins to a brand that is safe and works!

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