New Computer?

So my current portable computer is dead.  I use the word “portable” because the laptop has a dead battery and I can’t justify $40 or $50 to fix it. Also, by “dead” I mean the hinge is broken on it… I am still considering doing a little drilling on the top part of the flip and using a small bolt and washer on it. Hey, it might work.

So the state of mind I have been in over the last few days (ok maybe a week or more) is trying to decide the best way to go about this. I have been pricing new vs used, and windows vs mac. What it has actually come down to (at this point) is Acer Aspire One 10.1" -vs- Apple iBook G4 12".

My current netbook is the original Acer Aspire One.  It is a 9" with an 8GB SSD hard drive, so I have been very limited by space. I used it A LOT. I would carry it with me all over the place and I have a nice bag that fits it perfectly (with a little room for an extra inch or two).
The Apple is really cool, and I love my Mac desktop.  It will do a lot, and even though the specs aren’t as high as the Acer I know that it will run fast and smooth.  I am basing this on the 450MHZ processor on my desktop and all the animations it has. 
The only solution I can come up with is to go with the Acer for the obvious benefit of it being new, and no potential issues, or dealing with a half spent battery, and then hackintosh it. I know that it will work and there are even workarounds to make all of the features work flawlessly…  I could even dual boot it. 
Any thoughts?

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