New job post suggests Google could be working on a family of Glass products


It looks like Glass might be only a single component of Google’s future wearable strategy. The folks at Business Insider discovered a few new job posts on Google’s website which specifically mention “smart eyewear and other related products.” It’s tough to know exactly what Google means by that. Maybe they’ll finally be lumping Glass in with Android Wear smartwatches?

Or, Google could be planning an entire family of smart/connected wearables. We know the Google ATAP team seemed rather confident of a new wearable they’ll be introducing at Google I/O this year. According to their I/O session description, it will literally “blow your socks off.” Sounds intriguing enough even if we know nothing about it at the moment.

The wearable market seems to be a new focus with OEMs despite its difficulty gaining traction with consumers. Although convenient and helpful, it’s been tough to convince consumers — even some of the techies — that they need some of these products in their lives. With smartphones doing just about everything these days (monitoring heart rates, making mobile payments, keeping track of daily exercise) it’s going to be a tough sell.

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