Next Android Wear update will bring interactive watch faces

Android Wear is growing quickly, with a whole variety of watches now available on the market. On the software side, it’s growing even faster, with Google constantly working to develop and push the OS further. According to Phandroid, a new update is coming soon that will bring in a couple of important new features, including interactive watch faces, something that’s been requested for a while now.

A new single tap gesture is coming to Android Wear that will enable interactive watch faces. A single tap could trigger an aesthetic change, a shift in states (such as showing the weather), revealing more information or even opening a new activity by tapping on an icon. Google has given developers notice of this change, allowing them time to implement it into their apps and services.

A single tap currently activates the watch face on Android Wear, but this command will be replaced by a right-to-left swipe on the display, eliminating the contradiction with the new single tap function.

Additionally, the update may bring in communications between Android Wear watches, similar to the Apple Watch. With the functionality, users will be able to send messages, stickers, doodles and emojis to one another through a method called Together. Phandroid notes, however, that the feature doesn’t seem complete, as their info reveals that the feature would be tied to a single watch face, making it frustrating to use. That being said, the information in the leak is reportedly old, so things could have changed dramatically since the info was gathered.

Finally, LG G Watch R owners will get their long-awaited ability to connect their watch to Wi-Fi. The feature was missing from the G Watch R’s Android 5.1.1 update, causing confusion among many users. LG promised that the feature would arrive in a later update, and now it looks to be on the way.

The update reportedly won’t arrive until mid-August, but we’ll keep you posted if anything new develops.

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