So I finally invested in a new video game system.  I thought about all of the pros and cons, and the big thing was that I don’t play a lot of games – Mostly just games on my phone. I was digging through Kickstarter and came across a system called the OUYA (pronounced Oooh Ya).  It’s an Android powered system with an HDMI out and the ability to connect up to 4 wireless controllers (PS3 controllers included).  All of the games are free to try, or free in general.



  • Free games – A large number of the games available are freeware, and the rest have demos, or pay to play type stuff in them. Plus they are adding new games all the time.
  • Make menu – Games can be sideloaded through the built in browser. The easiest way is to laod up a bunch of APK files onto your Dropbox app and access them through OUYA-Screen-Shot-610x332the browser. Then just install the DropBox app, and ou are good to go.  (Pro tip – Look for an app called “App Share/Send Pro” for your Android phone and you can quickly upload any installed app from your phone to DropBox!)
  • Extremely Hackable – Word around the internets is that the device comes pre rooted, but it didn’t have the SuperUser app preinstalled.  I found an APK that can be sideloaded into it to add that capability.
  • HD Video – Streaming video is great, right to your TV in full HD!


  • Controller – Feels a little cheap
  • Freezes up – Occasionally when I am hacking an app not meant for it it will freeze up.

Overall I am very happy with it, though. What are your thoughts?


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