Pressy app update brings new triggers and fixes more bugs

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A new update for Pressy has just arrived over at Google Play, tightening up something annoying bugs and bringing new features that users should be excited for. Let’s get the old out of the way first by seeing which bugs have been squashed:

  • Fixed a bug where some Samsung users could not use the speaker-phone while Pressy was inserted.
  • The earphones icon will no longer be displayed when Pressy is inserted (on all devices).
  • Few issues with Bluetooth speakers and headphones are resolved.
  • Fixed a bug where notifications volume was changed on some devices when Pressy was inserted.
  • No email account found – users who get this error message during activation will now be able to input their email address manually.

The item listed in bold was a big annoyance for users since receiving their Pressy units so we’re glad to see it cleared up so fast. As for what’s new? You can score five new triggers to bring us to a total of 14. The 5 extra triggers will only be found within the “slow” mode so if you’re not fond of that then you’ll be limited to the original 9. Pressy exclaims that this is not because they want to be cruel, but due to a technical limitation. They’re the professional developers so we’ll definitely take their word for it.

You’ll also be able to assign a trigger to an app shortcut now instead of just apps, so if you want to be taken right to a folder, a specific page within the settings menu, or open a message to a specific contact you will finally be able to do all of that. It’s just another small piece that makes the entire puzzle look a lot better. If you’re lucky enough to have received your Pressy units already you can find the update waiting for you at the link below.

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