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If you’re a comic book aficionado, you’ve probably bought your digital comics from various websites and apps, and so they’re scattered all over your device and the cloud as well. But if you could have them all under one digital roof, that would be awesome right? A new app for Android device called the Material Comic Viewer is now available, with a lot of features to make reading your comics easier, more convenient, and more organized.

As its name implies, this app uses the Material Design guidelines that Google has been strongly suggesting, and so you know the interface is going to look pretty. You can download the comics that you’ve saved (and hopefully bought legally) on your cloud apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Once you’ve synced it there, you can start creating collections while the app automatically generates the title, issue number, and year from the file name. When you’re reading, the controls are intuitive enough, like you just tap to go to the next page, long press to inverse paging, or zoom using multitouch.

For devices running Kitkat and above, there is also a full screen immsersive mode so you won’t be disturbed. It also marks where you left off in your current reads so you can just continue reading. You can also mark which comics you’ve read or not yet read, as comic book collectors sometimes have a hard time keeping track.

The app has a lot more features and options included. There is a free version available on the Google Play Store, and a PRO version for $2.17, which of course has even more features and options. The app is available for both smartphones and tablets.


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