Report: HTC could reduce One M9 component orders by 30% in the wake of poor sales


While it’s hard to say how well, exactly, the HTC One M9 is doing in terms of sales, it’s still rather easy to get a rough idea. For the HTC One M9, the idea couldn’t get any rougher — the company is reportedly cutting back on component orders by a whopping 30% thanks to less-than-expected sales. That’s the word coming out of DigiTimes, a reputable Taiwanese tech publication whose ear is kept close to the component industry.

It hasn’t been easy going for HTC in the early parts of 2015, with the general public perception being that the HTC One M9 gives no compelling reason to upgrade from an HTC One M8, or from any 2014 flagship for that matter. They also have to deal with stiff competition from Samsung and LG who have successfully created 2015 flagships with enough innovation and advancement to capture the public interest.

And none of that is to mention the rise of Chinese manufacturers who are steadily producing better and better phones at more affordable price points. We’re not sure what all this will translate to in an HTC financial report in a couple of monts, but we’re betting it won’t look great. In fact, the company’s stock on the Taiwan Stock Exchange is now at the lowest it’s been in over 10 years at roughly $3.40 per share.

HTC will have to hope their dual-pronged strategy of releasing an upgraded version of the main flagship can help turn things around, though considering the HTC One M9+’s availability is limited to China we can’t say there’s much hope there.

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