S7even Days a Geek

I have been into podcasts for a while now. It started with the occasional SMODCast episode (with Scott Mosier and Kevin Smith) and transitioned to an obsession for the Tell ‘em Steve-Dave (TESD) podcast (Featuring the Comic Book Men and Q from the Impractical Jokers). Quickly I started moving towards more independent podcasts. The first one I started listening to after my obsession with TESD started to wind down was S7even Days a Geek.

CaptureS7even Days a Geek has a great balance of geek stuff, pop culture, along with a group of guys that have amazing chemistry with each other.  They work off of each others strengths and weaknesses with amazing skill.  The kinds of relationships that you just can’t create for a podcast.  Trust me, I have tried…

Today I officially became a Patreon sponsor for S7even Days a Geek.  It’s not much, but if you enjoy them, or any other independent production, you should make a donation too. I decided I had enough of the freeloading!  I guess freeloading is a little bit of a stretch, since I did put together the Android app for the podcast.

So the moral of the story is that you should:

  1.  Check out the podcast.
  2.  Download and review the Android App.
  3.  Become a Patreon Sponsor.


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