Samsung conducts its own bend test with the Samsung Galaxy S6 [VIDEO]

s6 bend

Last week we wrote about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge undergoing a bend test. The results showed that the S6 Edge can bend just as much as the iPhone 6 Plus. Apparently, Samsung was not happy with the buzz that this test created. To clear the air they’ve conducted a bend test of their own, including the regular Samsung Galaxy S6.

Like the SquareTrade video, Samsung uses a 3-point bend test to test the rigidity. That means the device is propped up on the both sides while a third point presses down from the opposite direction. The test shows that both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge can withstand around 80 pounds of force. To put that into perspective, about 66 pounds of force is put on a phone while in someone’s back pocket.

So what can we take away from all of these bend tests? Phones bend when put under a lot of pressure. They always have and they likely always will. Manufacturers have been performing reliability tests like these before #bendgate was ever a thing. It’s really not something we need to worry about.

[via Samsung Tomorrow]

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