Samsung expects to take a 30% dip in profit for Q1 2015, but the Galaxy S6 should make up for that

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Samsung has posted an early outlook for their Q1 2015 results, and the numbers don’t look great. Compared to the same quarter a year ago, the company suffered a 30% drop in profit, from 8.5 trillion Korean won ($7.79 billion) down to 5.9 trillion ($5.44 billion). That hit was also reflected in overall revenue with 47 trillion Korean won ($43 billion) compared to 53.68 trillion ($49.18 billion) a year ago.

Samsung has been on this downward slope for more than a year now largely thanks to their mobile division, though they haven’t experienced much of a drop off quarter-over-quarter. The company posted 52.73 trillion Korean won in total revenue last quarter, but just 5.29 trillion in profit. Increased profit on decreased revenue doesn’t seem to be a bad deal to us.

Still, Samsung needs to bounce back in a big way, and the company is hopeful that the forthcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 in just three days will change that. They’ve already recorded their highest pre-sales ever for a Galaxy S6 smartphone, and it’s poised to become one of the best selling Android smartphones of all time.

All of that is sure to help them recover quite nicely in 2015, and a renewed focus on premium products will certainly make people want to help them achieve that goal. We’ll have to wait for the full numbers at the end of the month to see what, exactly, caused the drop-off, and we’ll have to wait until next quarter’s results to see what impact, if any, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will ultimately have.

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