Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with 4GB of RAM will reportedly be unveiled in August alongside S6 Edge Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 charging table

Without question, the next “big thing” to come from Samsung will be this year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It’s already shaping up to be pretty huge too, with rumors pointing toward a massive 5.7-inch QHD display and other high-end specs that should trump the original in every conceivable way.

In case there was any doubts, SamMobile is now reportedly confirming that the Android phablet will come equipped with an insane 4GB of ample DDR4 RAM. Coupled with an Exynos 7422 64-bit processor, the phone should be able to handle just about any computing task you can throw at it and then some. Well, in theory anyway. We’ve heard (and seen for ourselves) TouchWiz’s overly aggressive RAM management close out backgrounds apps as soon as you open another. Because RAM is there to be used, let’s hope that most of that 4GB actually ends up being used this time around and isn’t just empty space.

While the Note series has traditionally made its debut during IFA in September, this year could be different. There are now whisperings that we could see the device unveiled a little sooner than that, perhaps around mid-August alongside the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (the larger phablet version of the regular S6 Edge). Of course there’s no way to be sure until Samsung begins sending out invites, in which case it shouldn’t be much longer before we start seeing those go out if they want press to begin making travel arrangements.

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