Samsung Gear Live no longer available on Google Store as Tizen-powered smartwatches loom near

Samsung Gear Live black purple

The Samsung Gear Live was Samsung’s first Android Wear powered device, and nearly a year after it first made its debut at Google I/O, the smartwatch can no longer be found on the Google Store. Before the Gear Live, Samsung was exclusively using their own in-house Tizen operating system to power inject their watches with some smarts.

With the Samsung Gear Live being their first and only Android Wear powered smartwatch, we can’t help but wonder if Samsung could move to relying only on Tizen for their smartwatch needs. Earlier this week new details of a circular shaped Samsung Gear A were revealed thanks to Samsung’s Gear SDK.

Samsung definitely has more than enough funds to continue throwing noodles at the wall to see what sticks, especially with wearables being so new to the market. But with the exception of the Moto 360, last year’s Android Wear powered smartwatches didn’t really pull in the sales many had hoped.

It wasn’t too long ago the LG G Watch was officially discontinued, so it’s entirely possible these first gen Android Wear watches are simply being phased out in favor of new models on the horizon. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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