Samsung reportedly working on bringing 11K display to mobile devices

If your head and your eyes are still adjusting to the idea of 4k display on your mobile devices, then in a few years, you will probably have to wrap your head around something even bigger (although not necessarily better). A Korean news outfit is reporting that Samsung is now hard at work to bring 11k (yes, that’s not a typo, it really is 11) display to smartphones and tablets, planning to give us more pixels than we ever could have imagined.

According to the news report, the OEM is teaming up with more than 13 companies, both local and foreign, in order to bring about this technology to mobile devices. What’s more, the Korean government is actually very much invested in this, giving the project $26.5 million, spread over 5 years. Samsung Display executive Chu Hye Yong has been quoted as saying they’re aiming to showcase the technology by the time of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and are looking at it as a basis for “Korean display industry [to] take another leap if related materials and parts improve through this.”

Human eyes only able to handle individual pixels up to a certain point, some say at 600 pixels per inch for those with 20/20 vision. An 11k display would give us as much as 2250 PPI, which is way, way more than what our eyes can actually detect, let alone on a smaller screen like a smartphone. According to the report, this extremely high resolution would actually give you a 3D effect, which isn’t necessarily something people would get excited about, given how many 3D products have failed (and are still failing) in the market.

So while we commend Samsung for thinking that far ahead, even while 4K is still struggling, but maybe it isn’t such a wise investment, if they’re thinking about it commercially. As a research initiative and a study into future display technologies, then maybe that could be a good move for them.

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