Security firm CrowdStrike to receive $100 million investment from Google


Security firm CrowdStrike has announced a $100 million investment from Google Capital. CrowdStrike was founded by ex-McAfee executives and utilizes cloud-based tools and security experts called “hunters” to actively combat hacking attempts, sometimes while they are in progress.

CrowdStrike has achieved some success in repelling attacks by Chinese based hacking groups, notably one group called Hurricane Panda. Earlier this year they claimed that the group had commenced an attack on a firm in January, but abandoned the attempt once they detected CrowdStrikes presence on the company’s network.

CrowdStrike co-founder Dmitri Alperovitch believes Hurricane Panda abandoned the attempt based on an April 2014 incident involving another company protected by CrowdStrike. That successful response by CrowdStrike likely caused Hurricane Panda to realize “the cost and given the time and money wasted on the previous 0-day, decided it wasn’t worth it” to pursue their latest attack. Alperovitch says this was the first time they saw at attack abandoned in such a manner.

CrowdStrike also made a name for themselves recently by examining the Office of Personnel Management hack and determining it originated in China.

According to Gene Frantz, a partner at Google Capital,

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“We were blown away by CrowdStrike’s incredible growth and impressive customer adoption. They have a truly unique SaaS-based endpoint security model, a highly scalable subscription revenue model, and a visionary technical approach that has huge potential to transform the industry, which is why we’re thrilled to make this investment.”

Google Capital is separate from Google Ventures, a largely independent venture capital firm setup by Google. Google Capital is an investment arm of Google.

source: CrowdStrike
via: Business Insider

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