Sending location from Google Maps to Android Device now allowed

A few months ago, Google updated Search to allow sending directions to your Android phone. That’s from a Google desktop search to a smartphone. It’s one easy way to bring the information and directions you need when going to a certain destination. This time, Google has updated the Maps app to finally allow it to send directly from desktop Maps to the mobile Android app.

Google Maps for desktop now features ‘Send’ links that lets you send the current location indicated on the card. When you click on it, a list of your other Android mobile devices whether tablet or phone will be shown. Only those that are signed in to your Google account will be included. From there, you can send the location to another device which will then receive a notification before the location or directions are displayed for navigation.

send place to mobile device

When you find a place or location in Google Maps on your desktop computer, you can easily send it to your Android device for access whenever you are mobile. You have to make sure first that you are signed in to Map on both your computer and mobile device, search for a place, and Click Send in the card that shows then choose the Android device you want to send the information to. On the device, you will immediately receive a notification just make sure you are connected to the Internet.

Download Maps (version (9.11.0) from the Google Play Store or get it from APKMirror

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SOURCE: Google Support

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