Shaklee Cinch vs Slim Fast

Protein-enriched drinks may help with building muscle and losing weight, and there are many such drinks available. Two options include Slim-Fast and the Shaklee Cinch protein drink, which are both relatively rich in protein but do have other differences in their nutritional profiles. While the Slim-Fast and Shaklee Cinch both offer benefits, one may be more appropriate for your personal goals due to their respective calorie, fat, protein and carbohydrate content.

Calorie Comparison

If your primary goal is losing weight, a Shaklee Cinch protein drink is the better option, as it is lower in calories. The Shaklee protein drink contains 190 calories, compared to 220 in a can of Slim-Fast. If you consumed one shake daily, switching from Slim-Fast to Shaklee would save you 210 calories over the course of one week. It would take nearly an hour of weightlifting to burn off 210 calories, so the difference can be significant.

Protein Comparison

The Shaklee Cinch protein drink is higher in protein than Slim-Fast, as the former contains 16 g, compared to 10 g in the latter. Increasing your protein intake is more efficient with the Shaklee Cinch protein drink, as protein comprises 34 percent of the calories in that beverage, compared to about 18 percent of the calories in Slim-Fast. Following a high-protein diet may help you build muscle, and research from the February 2002 issue of the “Journal of the American College of Nutrition” suggests that high-protein diets can encourage weight loss when dieting.

Fat Comparison

Slim-Fast and the Shaklee Cinch have similar amounts of fat. One can of Slim-Fast contains 3 g, with 1 g of saturated fat, while the Shaklee Cinch contains 3 g of total fat, with 0.5 g of saturated fat. A higher fat content tends to make foods and drinks higher in calories, but it can also improve taste and promote satiety.

Carbohydrate Comparison

A Slim-Fast shake is higher in carbohydrates than the Shaklee Cinch protein drink, as the former provides 40 g and the latter contains 25 g. The Shaklee Cinch is higher in fiber, with 6 g compared to 5 g in the Slim-Fast drink. Slim-Fast has a high sugar content, with 34 g, while the Shaklee Cinch protein drink contains 16 g of sugar. According to the Harvard Medical School, consistent consumption of high-sugar beverages may increase your risk of diabetes and obesity, so the Shaklee Protein drink may be a better option for weight loss due to its lower sugar content.

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