Snag a Nexus 5 with one year of unlimited service for only $199 from

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Nexus 6 owners might have Google’s new Project Fi network to look forward to, but what about the Nexus 5? While we can’t do anything for current owners, we would like to draw your attention to a new deal available from you can now pick up a Nexus 5 with one-year of unlimited talk and text service from Freedom Pop for the all-inclusive price of $199.

Though it is nearing the two-year anniversary of its release, the Nexus 5 remains a great option for users looking for a truly pure Android experience. Couple the phone with unlimited talk and text service for a year (including visual voicemail and tethering) and 500MB of LTE data per month and you’ve got yourself quite the package.

If you don’t need the service there are no obligations or contracts, and you still get yourself a pretty nice price on a new Nexus 5. It’s just $199 for a limited time, and only at

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