Some Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge units are shipping with tiny surface scratches all over the display

samsung galaxy s6 edge scratches defect 2

When manufacturers churn out hundreds of thousands of devices in order to meet demand, occasionally a bad egg or two makes it past quality control. It’s not uncommon to have one, maybe even a few defective devices slip out when your phone is as popular as say, the Samsung Galaxy S6. So it’s not too surprising to find that some brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge customers have discovered some oddities with their shiny new devices, fresh out of the box.

It’s not #bendgate (thankfully), but as highlighted by XDA Developers , a handful of forum members have discovered what appears to be tiny scratches all over their “new” Galaxy S6 displays. It’s a pattern not too unlike the swirl marks you might find on your car’s clear coat. It’s not clear how they got there, or how wide spread the issue is at the moment, but it’s definitely something you wouldn’t expect to find when unwrapping a $700+ piece of tech. The uploader also makes mention of dead pixels being present when the display is turned on.

Keep in mind out-of-the-box defects like this aren’t unique the Galaxy S6. Even the folks at iFixit found a scratched display on their freshly unwrapped HTC One M9 (complete with a dead pixel). Like any out-of-the-box defects, issues like this should be taken up with the retailer from whence it came, which happens to be T-Mobile who began shipping out the Samsung Galaxy S6 ahead of its April 10th launch date. There was a report of an international model also arriving in this same condition, but that could be more isolated.

In any case, now would be a good time to check your device out under a lamp or direct sunlight. Anyone find something similar on their Samsung Galaxy S6 unit?


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