Someone got Android Wear running on the Samsung Gear 2

Samsung has not been one of Android Wear’s biggest supporters. They have opted to use their own Tizen OS instead. The Gear 2 is one such device to use Tizen, but a tinkerer at XDA has fixed that. User biktor_gl has successfully ported Android Wear over to the Gear 2 after four months of work. That’s dedication.

The implementation is still very rough. The only things working so far are touch and basic Bluetooth support. It has taken so long to get this working because Android Wear is not the same as Android. Anyone can download Android from AOSP, but Android Wear is not open source. Despite everything, Biktor has proved that a Tizen smartwatch is not limited to what Samsung wants to do with it. Android wins again.

Do any of you have the Gear 2 or other Tizen smartwatches? Would you prefer Android Wear?

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