Getting spammed? Try Addons Detector

I have heard of a lot of complaints of adware type popups appearing on Android phones. It appears as a star icon in the notification area.  Some peoplee prefer this to a traditional “click on” banner ad floating in the app itself, and others see it as an invasion of their privacy.

However you feel about it I have researched a few ways to get rid of it.  After reading through the website (which seems to be the main source) I discovered that they have an opt-out program. The main problem here is that this opt-out program is provided in the form of the app and does access some semi-personal information (phone info, such as a serial number). You simply download it from market, to the phone that you want opted out and it stops them from serving you ads.

If you are interested in this option check it out here:

Another option that I found is an advertisement detector app that scans all of your apps and let’s you know what apps have what types of advertising in them. It is called Addons Detector. This is a great option to allow you to see what types of advertising is in all of your apps and make the call if you want to continue using the app or not. It also tells you if the apps are linked to Amazon Appstore or if the developer uses Google Analytics.  If you click on the listed app it takes you to the screen where you can uninstall the app.

Find that app here:

So get out there and take care of this if you are getting these ads and if they are bothering you.  Also keep in mind that the developer of the app is getting paid for the ads and it is a good way to reward them without having to pay for anything out of your pocket…