Price Plan Comparison (Part 1 – AT&T)

As the economy seems to not get any better from week to week everyone is looking into ways to save money.  Wireless plans are a place that you might be able to cut some spending in your budget.

If you live in the US and are looking into getting an Android phone you are probably a little overwhelmed by the options available to smartphone customers. We have thrown together this little guide to what plans are available on what carriers.

We are going to do up a comparison of what the cheapest plans are on the big 3 US carriers, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon – for both a single line of service or for a family plan.  Part one will be AT&T, part 2 will be Sprint and part 3 will be Verizon (Done in alphabetical order to be fair).

Starting with AT&T, the plans are listed with the data portion separately.  Then the data packages are broken down by how much data you think you are going to use.  The data add ons are as follows:
200MB – $15
2GB – $25
4GB – $45

These prices are on top of the normal plan price, therefore making the basic Android plan $55.99 for 200mb, 64.99 for 2GB, 85.99 for 4GB, along with 450 minutes.  The problem with this is that the 200MB plan is pretty much useless unless you are going to keep the phone off, or if you JUST use if for a phone and not even have an email setup on the phone.  Personally I use more than 200MB a day…

If you are looking for a completely unlimited plan, look elsewhere.  For unlimited talk time there is a $69 plan, which would be $114.99 with the maximum data plan of 4GB.  Remember that each GB after that will run you $10 for each additional GB, so use your data wisely…

Pros: Good overall coverage, lots of 4G(ish) coverage (see cons), Rollover.

Cons:  Expensive, 4G just hyped up 3G, No unlimited, Nights not til 9.