Android Faxing

Have a document and need to fax it to someone? No fax machine? With the number of landline phones dwindling it is sometimes hard to find a fax machine without having to pay for using it. Well the good news is that with the below 2 tools you can send faxes with ease, right from your android phone.

The first step is getting the document saved on phone is to take a picture of it with an app called CamScan.  It is a simple program that uses your phones camera and snaps a picture, then converts that picture into a PDF file. PDF files are simply electronic paper. It can be opened on the phone (and computers) with a bunch of different programs (like adobe reader).

Once the picture is taken and it is saved with CamScan you next have to send it as a fax.  There are a bunch of ways to do this, but the way that I have had the most luck is through a website called  It is a reputable site, that is registered with the Better Business Bureau, so you can trust them.  You just have to fill out the form on the website and click the upload button in the form and choose the pdf file you just saved.  It will be on the memory card in a folder called CamScan.

Once the file is uploaded to their website, do a quick check to make sure that the form is all filled out and that you properly filled out the squiggly lettered CAPTCHA at the bottom, then click the Free button.  You will get a confirmation page, then a confirmation email that says the fax was sent.  Plus you will get another email confirming the delivery (or error) when it is all set. 
I know that this saved me a ton of hassle trying to fax something without an old school fax machine. If it helped you, or if you have questions or suggestions leave them in the comments below!