Getting Healthy

So as the summer is coming to an end, I am sort of reflecting on the things that I have done this year to try and better myself. Asid from all of the extra hours I have put into both of my jobs, I have done a TON of biking this year.

This is a big change from previous recent years… My bike was in storage for a couple of years, since I moved, and before that it was just intermittantly used. I even invested in a top-of-the-line bike seat that makes it so much easier to do the long trips.

So as we move into the colder ¾ of the year I know that I won’t be able to do as much biking, so I plan to switch my efforts over to the eliptical machine that we bought last year (and have mostly just used to sort clothes…) It’s not as nice as being out and about and seeing the sights of the city or countryside, but at least I can do it while catching up on Netflix or listening to music.

The other thing that I am working on is kickstarting my Shaklee business. I am trying to come up with some fun ideas, to keep people interested. Some of these ideas include (some pretty high end) giveaways and (my favorite) starting up the Health Clean Green Podcast. I want to talk about everyting from myself, my family, my business partners, laugh, joke, make fun of each other.

BUT I really want to get the audience involved, so I am looking for some people that might want to call in to the podcast. Someone that wants help with a certian medical issue, or someone that has benefited from vitamins (or really any of the Shaklee products). If any of this fits your situation, let me know! Either via a comment (below), email (, Twitter (@charliedelong) or a voicemail (612) 568-7812.

I am guessing we will record biweekly, and I am also looking at making the podcast a live stream… It should be fun! It’s a great way to keep myself accountible for what i am doing to better myself, along with sharing the products that I believe in, and show how they are helping me along the way!