Sell Stuff on Craigslist! Great App by Bazaar

If you are like me you love Craigslist. I tend to have a handful of things listed all the time. I struggle with having to take the pictures, email them to myself. Save them into afolder, then create the post and upload the pictures. Isn’t there an easier way? Yes, there is an easier way, and it’s called Sell stuff on Craigslist! by Bazaar.

Bazaar’s app allows you to fill the form out on your phone, and either upload pictures already on your phone, or take a picture on the spot. Best of all it saves your logins so you can directly upload it. Therefore a post can go from idea to posted in just a few minutes.

Name: Sell stuff on Craigslist!
Try out the best Craigslist picture ad publishing App for phones and tablets.


Bazaar provides the best Craigslist ad posting experience on smartphones and tablets.

Sellers can quickly write all the post information (title, price, description), chose a location and include pictures directly taken from the app or accessible on the device. Bazaar will automatically publish on Craigslist, the most important marketplace for local classifieds in the US.

Unique features:
– upload 8 pictures rather than 4
– upload large pictures (up to 11 times more pixels)
– fastest posting app
– list, re-post and delete your posts

– This app requires users to have or create a Craigslist Account.
– Editing posts is not currently supported, although it will very soon!

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