Txt Msg Away Message – Amazon Appstore Free App of the Day 8/21/11

Name: Txt Msg Away Message
Let Your Android Device Do the Texting
Txt Msg Away Message sends auto-reply messages from your Android device. Create a custom message, and this application automatically replies to incoming texts with that message. You no longer have to worry about text messaging while driving, working, sleeping, or watching a movie.

Custom Features
Txt Msg Away Message comes with the default message “(Autoreply) Sorry I am not available at this time.” You can create your own list of custom messages. Your auto-reply can be up to 160 characters.

Txt Msg Away Message includes many useful options. Set up the auto-reply to be sent only to your contacts. Place an icon on your notification bar so you’ll always know if Txt Msg Away Message is active or not. The Away Time option lets you include the time elapsed in your auto-reply. So, if the app has been enabled for an hour, your auto-reply will let your recipient know you’ve been unavailable for an hour. Txt Msg Away Message also sends you an alert every time an auto-reply is sent, and you can choose to turn these alerts off.

Place a home screen widget to quickly turn the application on and off. You can also set Txt Msg Away Message to ignore any phone numbers that the app has already replied to in the previous five minutes.

Text When You Want
Txt Away Msg Message is a great app for when you’re waiting for that important text message, but you’re unable to reply right away. The person texting you will know you’ve received their message and not think they’re being ignored. Use this app when you’re in a meeting, classroom, restaurant, or any place where you just can’t text.

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