uTorrent supporting Android file syncing

If you ever use uTorrent to download files to your PC you might find this interesting.  The uTorrent app has added a feature to it’s Alpha version that allows you to sync downloaded data to your Android device by just dragging and dropping.

First, though… A little background on torrents, for the people who are unsure..

Torrents (or more specifically .torrent files) are files that you can find all over the internets with a simple google search. These files require a torrent client to be installed and the .torrent file loaded into it.  Once that is done the application will download the requested files.

So, with this uTorrent feature, if you were to download a public domain audio book (which would be free and legal) you could transfer it directly to your phone from the uTorrent menu.

But watch out for a couple things…  Copyrighted material is illegal to download via torrent, or through any other process (just saying) and this feature is an alpha feature, and may contain bugs.  it is planned for the premium (payed) version of uTorrent that is coming soon…