Take the Mushroom Wars into Space with new game, now on Android

If you enjoyed the first installment of the Mushroom Wars, the new storyline will send you into orbit as the little Mushroom warriors now try to conquer other planets. The new game called Mushroom Wars: Space! continues where the first game left off, but now you get to deal with aliens, inter-planetary travel, and all sorts of space shenanigans in this popular real-time strategy game, originally available on the Playstation, but now ready for your Android devices.

In this new game, you get to take the Mushroom people on a space journey, as they aim to not just unite other mushroom tribes, but conquer different planets as well, and then stay and defend their property. There are several mission objectives that you’d need to fulfill, but part of the game is also conquering and defending your armories and towers. The game has several playing modes, including a PvE campaign mode where you get to battle in 40 new missions across the new planets and asteroids of the Mushroom Universe.

There is also the Synchronous Multiplayer mode where you get to play in more than 30 balanced maps against 2-4 players who are online playing the game as well. As you progress in the game, you also get to have new difficulty modes available for you. You would also need to use Strategic Resource Management in this game as your mushroom units are both fighting units and a resource you can use to upgrade and strengthen your towers and strongholds.

Mushroom Wars: Space! is available as a free download in the Google Play Store. It is ad-supported, but is considered a family-friendly app. There are also some in-app purchases available.


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