That episode where we learn how the videos are made.

Changing some things up here. I created a little video showing all the tools that I use to create these videos. I get asked a lot how I do it so I thought I would throw this together.

Here are FREE the tools used to make these videos:

Bing AI Copilot Chat – Copilot with GPT-4 ( – This is where I design* most of the backgrounds. (*AI Designs)

Adobe Express Animate From Audio – Adobe Express – This is what creates the animation and lip syncs it to my voice.

CapCut – CapCut | All-in-one video editor & graphic design tool driven by AI – Editing software that I use to add music and generated captions and graphics.

Ocenaudio – – An amazing audio recording software for non AI generated voiceovers, like what this video has.

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