The Golden Snowball

small_weather_golden-snowballI thought I would share a fun tradition that happens every winter in my hometown of Syracuse, NY.  There is a contest that happens every year amongst the 5 cities that are placed across the center of the state of NY.  This includes the cities of Albany, Buffalo, Binghamton, Rochester and last years Champion, Syracuse. The city with the most snowfall is awarded the trophy you see to the left.

Because of the fact that these cities are all lined up in a row, directly to the east of the Great Lakes, these cities see some of the biggest amounts of snowfall nationally. Plus, from experience, it’s the wet heavy lake effect snow coming right of the Great Lakes.  Very heavy snow that makes managing it more difficult.

It kind of makes the few inches at a time we get here in the Midwest seem not so bad?
To check out the official rankings click here or visit www.goldensnowball.comNYMAP

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