There’s a giant Android robot urinating on an Apple logo in Google Maps RIGHT NOW

google maps android pissing on apple

Quick, before Google notices: go to this Google Maps destination (make sure you’re in Map view, not Satellite view) and tell me what you see. No, it’s not the oddest-shaped golf course you’ve ever seen — it’s a picture of an Android robot urinating on an Apple logo. You know, the one we’ve seen depicted time and time again since Android’s existence.

We’re not sure who. We’re not sure why. We’re not sure how. And we’re not sure when Google will finally notice this and take it down. But it’s something you owe it to yourself to see even if you have nothing against Apple and don’t care for the everlasting feud between the two sides.

PS: Can’t click links? You can also type the coordinates in manually. Simply enter 33°30’52.5″N 73°03’33.2″E into the search box.

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