This guy used Google Cardboard to propose to his girlfriend in virtual reality [VIDEO]

Google Cardboard VR virtual reality proposal video

You knew it was coming. Proposals are a big thing on YouTube and what better way to ensure your video goes viral than by combining your proposal with some new bleeding edge tech. We’ve seen everything from Google Glass proposals, to a full on Android wedding.

Now, we have someone using the power of Google Cardboard (this $35 Cardboard kit here) along with his trusty Nexus 5 to propose to his girlfriend in virtual reality. You heard right, this dude somehow got the bright idea to integrate VR into his proposal. Not going to lie, that’s pretty clever. Check it the video below to see exactly how it all went down.

VR is a hot ticket item in tech. Recently we saw YouTube rollout support for VR and even saw one man attend the birth of his child using the Samsung Gear VR. While some might find it “gimmicky,” its value in entertainment is obvious. Now if only guys like the one above would stop running proposals for regular Joe Schmoes like ourselves, that’d be great.

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