Toram Online MMORPG is now out of beta, available via Play Store

Toram Online is a new MMORPG for all of you gamers out there to sink your gaming teeth into. The game is a continuation and/or expansion of sorts from Iruna Online – if some of you are familiar with that MMORPG. The game has been in beta for quite a bit, so it’s good to finally see the wraps off and the game now available to most people.


It helps to appreciate that Toram Online’s beta was mostly done in the Japanese language. That the game is now out via Google Play means most of the content should now be translated to English. The game itself is not the card battle or collectible MMORPG that seems to be the trend these days. It is a standard MMORPG, with character creation, skill selection, dungeon crawling, levelling up and all the MMORPG good stuff.

The plot is standard fare for MMORPGs – it tells of a cataclysmic event that split the ground and also split the nations. People of the world are divided into four groups, regardless of race. You then get to do adventuring by facing off with underworld creatures and over-ground journeys. Build your experience up, get the nice items from your loot, sell the others for money. Pretty standard, but usually fun for those who appreciate a good MMORPG.


You can play the game alone, but there will be bosses and areas where the strength of monsters will require partying up with others. The game is free to download, certainly with IAPs but not required purchases – you can finish the game without spending. Since the game is just recently out of beta, expect some typos and translation mistakes in the content. Those should be reported so that they can be fixed in future patches and updates.

SOURCE: Errol Willoughby
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

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