Trailer Hitch Woes



So a purchase was made yesterday that required us to have a hitch on one of our vehicles (Post coming soon…).  Not a problem. We made some calls, got a hold of Uhaul and had an appointment set up. At the same time I decided that we should do some shopping around to see what a DIY bolt on kit would cost and how hard it is to install.

Come to find out there aren’t a lot of kits available that fit a newer style Grand Caravan. All seem to be an order only scenario.  Since we had the appointment we decided that we would just pay the extra money and have them install it.  We saw no need to even have a backup plan after talking to them twice and verifying the order.

So when we thought all was well we got the phone call. Well, actually it was just a voice mail saying that they would have to order the part and it wouldn’t be in until the middle of next week. Which doesn’t help with the fact that we wanted to pick up the new purchase tomorrow for camping this weekend.

So I went to bed with my brain trying to figure out a solution to the problem.  As I laid there trying to figure it all out I had the thought to take a look at CraigsList. I almost didn’t because I was figuring that the odds of finding something were very minimal.  As I searched through the page I came across a bolt on hitch.  A hitch that would bolt right on the Saturn Vue.

So HOPEFULLY this will all fall into place and I won’t be up until midnight trying to wire this into the Vue. Or worse yet, I hope I don’t break my car….  Stay tuned for the updates….

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