Twitter rolls out revamped “Quote Tweet” feature, coming soon to Android

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Twitter has always been somewhat against quoted Tweets when it comes to sharing, and for good reason. The original tweet often takes up too many characters for the person who’s sharing to make any sort of comment of their own.

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Thankfully they’re introducing an all new system that allows users to embed a Tweet within a tweet. You get all 140 of your own characters to write, and the Tweet you’re quoting / commenting on is shown right below.

Only, there’s one catch for us Android users — we can’t use it yet. It’s rolling out to the web and iOS versions already, but Android has been put on the infamous waiting list. We’re hoping the wait won’t be too long, but in the meantime you can check out Twitter’s quick set of instructions right here to get familiar with the system ahead of its arrival (and give it a try on the web version of Twitter if you aren’t above that sort of thing these days).

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