Verizon HTC One Remix said to launch this Friday July 24th

htc one remix evleaks

HTC unveiled the HTC One Mini 2 way back in May, but we’ve been waiting for word on exactly what the Taiwanese manufacturer had in store for the device here in the states. With HTC and Verizon getting all buddy-buddy for the launch of the M8, it only makes sense they’ll do it again for the One Mini 2.

Said to launch this Friday, July 24th on Verizon, it appears the One Mini 2 will launch as the HTC One remix in only a few short days time as revealed by @evleaks. After Verizon Wireless inadvertently outed the phone a bit early on their YouTube channel — with a 4.5-inch display and “cutting edge features” — we knew a release was just around the corner.

Word on the street is this device might throw in an extra GB of RAM for good measure, giving fans of smaller smartphones even more reason to rejoice. Well, those on Verizon anyway.

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