We’re here: Google IO 2015!

After making 22 bold predictions about Google IO 2015, we jumped on a plane, flew to San Francisco, and got in line with hoards of others to grab our passes for tomorrow’s huge keynote presentation. You’ll be able to watch streaming video of the Keynote on Phandroid and follow all the event coverage with our Google IO Guide.


After waiting in line for about an hour we finally got into the belly of the beast where an awesomely decorated room awaited.


There will undoubtedly be much more in store tomorrow when we’re able to ascend two levels above, where various booths and stands showcase Google’s latest offerings.


For now, on the ground floor, attendees lounge around after getting their event badges, surrounded by several larger than life Android statues.


Meanwhile, smaller than life Android statues await in the Google Store where 3 IO themed shirts designed by local artists were also being sold.


Google staffers are hard at work preparing and setting up for two the company’s most important days of the year.


While our own hardworking Steve Albright works furiously on his swinging skills and pizza eating capabilities.


Want to see more “behind the scenes” style stuff throughout Google IO? Let us know in the comments.

Just want the breaking news? Follow our Google IO Guide.

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