XDA Senior Member gets Windows 7 running on Asus Zenfone 2

Who at some point hasn’t wished that they could run full a full desktop environment on their phone? XDA Senior Member ycavan saw an opportunity to do just that with the Asus Zenfone 2.

What makes the Zenfone 2 so special? Well, the Zenfone 2 uses an Intel Atom processor. Many Windows tablets and laptops already use the Atom processor for its power efficient architecture. It’s the very nature of this architecture that allows Windows 7 to run at near native speeds on the Zenfone2.

In his post, ycavan spells out all the steps required for installing Windows 7. Interested Zenfone 2 users must first unlock their bootloader, flash a specific kernel, partition their SD card and run a host of terminal commands. But once completed, the Windows installation will begin in a virtual machine.

There are no major bugs reported with the installation and there is good news for someone who wants to try Windows 8 or even 10. They can do it as long as they have an ISO for the OS.


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