YotaPhone 2 with E Ink back launching in the US via Indiegogo, price drops in UK with new white color option

YotaPhone 2 white

The dual-display YotaPhone 2 was one of the surprise showstoppers during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. We got a hands on with the phone and loved not only its sleek minimal stylings, but its unique E Ink back. Sure, the back display was a little more clumsy in real-world use than we had anticipated, but overall we felt like it was a fresh idea and something more interesting than the higher core count most Android devices are boasting nowadays.

YotaPhone 2 white dual

Today, the folks at Yota Devices are announcing a price drop for the device in the UK — now only £440 — and the introduction of an all new white color option with inverted E Ink back to match. What’s more is the YotaPhone 2 is just about ready for its US launch, well, only if it can raise enough funding through an Indiegogo campaign kicking off this July. We still don’t know how much they’ll be looking for, or once funded, how much longer it can take before the device is finally available to US buyers with support for our unique carrier bands.

It’s clear Yota Devices needs to act fast. This year we’ve seen some near perfect Android devices and when pitted against the YotaPhone 2 — with its aging hardware specs — the Russian smartphone could find itself left behind in the dust.

[YotaPhone 2 (white) | via The Verge]

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