Baubax jacket can solve your travel woes in 15 different ways 

Did you hear about that boy band singer who collapsed during his flight from heat exhaustion because he wore 12 layers of clothes just to avoid buying excess baggage fees? Well there’s no cure for stupidity yet, but a new Kickstarter project is looking to bring you a slight solution to storage and other things when you’re traveling and it’s not luggage. Meet the Baubax jacket, which says it is the world’s best travel jacket as it has 15 different functions.

For the more usual travel needs, it has a built-in inflatable neck pillow with a 2-second inflation. It also has an eye mask, gloves, a pocket to carry the Baubax blanket (sold separately), sunglass pocket, passport pocket, detachable pillow, and detachable hood (for some models). Oh, and it also has a koozie drink pocket for when you need to warm or keep drinks cool and keep your hands free at the same time.


For the more tech-related functions, the jacket has earphone holders to help keep your earphones untangled and easy to access. It also has a pocket that can hold a tablet, so you free up space in your carry-on. Of course there is a smartphone pocket as well, and a microfiber cloth in order to clean your devices’ screens. The zipper of your jacket is pretty ingenious as well, as it is also a 1 inch pen that can extend to 4 inches, and the bottom can be used as a stylus.

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The jacket is available in four styles, for men and for women: sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber, and blazer. It is also available in various colors: pink, blue, and grey for women, and charcoal, blue, and black for men. It has more than met its goal of $20,000, with 52 days to go to get more backers. The lowest you can now pledge to get a jacket is $99, for the sweatshirt style.


SOURCE: Kickstarter

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