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The latest social app sensation, a creation by Twitter called Periscope, let’s users share live video with people around the world. The good? The app is supposedly awesome and seeing record adoption rates. The bad? The app has thus far eluded the Google Play Store and is currently only available on that pesky iPhone.

That all will soon change and you can be among the first to download the new Periscope for Android App from the Google Play Store.


Signing up is easy:

If you follow a link to a  Periscope live stream from your Android phone, you’re now directed to an e-mail sign up form offering instant notification when the Periscope Android app is available on the Google Play Store.

In reality you can visit any link to a specific Periscope live stream, the above being just one of them. But doesn’t somehow knowing that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Genevieve was Periscoping while she cooked make you want to download the app that much more? Us too. And if not, we’re sure you can find your own excuse with enough browsing.

Periscope was already off to a great start but it was the Mayweather vs Pacquiao boxing match that helped it skyrocket into the mainstream. At $100 per TV the fight still shattered Pay Per View records, but if Periscope didn’t exist the number may have been much higher: regular Joe’s used Periscope to share the view of their own TV with the globe, aiding what Showtime and HBO are claiming is blatant and rampant piracy. At least that’s what their lawsuit says.

Directly following the fight, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo seemed to make light of piracy, tweeting that Periscope was the “winner” of the fight.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.26.43 PM

The company took a much different tone after claiming they received 66 complaints from copyright holders, removed 30 live streams of the fight, but had many more that weren’t able to be handled prior to the fight’s end:

“Periscope operates in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we respect intellectual property rights and are working to ensure there are robust tools in place to respond expeditiously,” the company said. “It’s not the kind of content we want to see in Periscope.”

It remains to be seen who the real winner will be, but until Twitter plops their periscope into the Android pool, we’ll remain mum on the matter.

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