You’ll now find real-time tweets making their way into Google search results, but only on mobile

Twitter Google Search results

It’s official: starting today, you’ll begin seeing tweets sprinkled into your Google search results. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. We told you guys about the deal Twitter struck with Google back in early February in hopes of bringing fresh, new meat to the social network. What better way to do that than by teaming up with the internet’s biggest search giant?

Don’t worry about seeing Twitter results for any search query, only specific keywords will pull them up. Google says only things like “NASA Twitter” or “#MadMenFinale” will display tweets as they appear in real-time. Oh, and keep in this mind content from Twitter is only being displayed on mobile for now, which includes searches performed in the Google app or in your browser.

That being said, you might be careful what you tweet. Wouldn’t want a prospective employer Google searching your name and pulling up tweets about how wasted you and your friends got the night before.


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