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google io 2015 app

Headed to Google I/O later this year? Google is preparing to update the Google I/O app in the Google Play Store for the 2015 version of the developer conference, and APK Mirror has the download to prove it.

The app is decked out in full Material Design, as you’d expect, and it gives you an access to the full Google I/O schedule, a map of the conference hall, videos and more. There are robust filter options for finding the exact sessions and events that you’re interested in, and you can even have it sync the sessions you plan to attend with Google Calendar.

Other than that it’s your typical Google I/O app, and we’re sure Google will have it in the Play Store before too long. If you can’t wait then simply head right here for the download. And as they do every year, expect Google to release the source code for the updated version of the app at some point before, during or after Google I/O.

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