FitRPG: Gamifying Fitbit #AppOfTheWeek

fitbit_flex_video_thumbI have been a fan of FitBit for a while now. You can even see my stats on the home page of

To bring up those that have never heard of a Fitbit before:

“A new device that contains a 3D motion sensor that accurately tracks your calories burned-steps taken-distance traveled and sleep quality” – Collins English Dictionary

So a group of developers ( FatChicken Studios ) have taken this a step further and gamified the process allowing you to compete against your friends in a virtual RPG world. Battling against each other using virtual HP and MP based on your activity.

It’s a great way to make yourself a little more active!


From their Google Play Download page:

Get more out of your healthy lifestyle. Transform your Fitbit data into a character that can fight your friends, battle bosses, and go on quests using the steps, distance, and sleep tracked by your Fitbit! If you’re tired of seeing just numbers and graphs at the end of the day, or if looking at the Fitbit dashboard isn’t enough to motivate you to walk those extra 1000 steps, play FitRPG, a game that rewards you for your healthy habits.

FitRPG turns your fitness data into your character’s strength, HP, endurance, dexterity, and experience. Go on fitness quests or engage in battles to level up. Sleep to revitalize your HP. Log workouts to increase your strength and dexterity. Increase your steps to improve your experience and endurance. Take fitness to another level, literally.

★ Competitive? Battle your Fitbit friends to steal their gold and experience. Most fit player wins. See how you rank against other players in the leaderboard.
★ Want motivation? Go on timed solo quests, which range from walking 5,000 steps to running a marathon. Win gold and experience if you succeed. Lose gold if you fail.
★ Love gaming? Try to fly up through the rankings by beating the bosses and continuing to level up.
★ Use your gold to buy weapons, potions, armor, and other accessories. Use potions to restore HP, and equip weapons to improve your chances at winning battles against your friends.
★ Just sign in with your Fitbit account, and immediately start playing!
★ No ads or annoying pop-ups.
★ Integration with Jawbone and other fitness trackers, coming soon!
★ More quests (and group quests with friends!) to come.

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