Updates on Joey Carr

CaptureMy friend Joey went in for a lung biopsy today. Before hand I had talked with him about being a contact person so that his Mom could get news out to all of his friends in the Twitter / SmodCo / TESD / Etc groups so that everyone could know how he is doing.

Joey is one of the people that I have been working on getting a podcast started up with.  We have tossed back and forth a few ideas, and after running into some technical difficulties with the Skype and the recording process (plus our lives getting really busy) we decided to hold off for the time being…

He knew that when all was said and done he would probably have to spend 2 or 3 days in the ICU.

I got word around 8:00 AM CST that he went in for surgery, and I passed along my best wishes. From myself and from the online community, because I know that more than just myself care about him.

Surgery lasted a couple of hours and around 10:00AM I got the following message:

“The doc just came out.  She said they had some trouble with breath tube but overall surgery went well.  Now we have to get him breathing on his own.  Its hurry up and  wait for the results that will take 7-10 days. He’ll be in CCICU for 2 days and everything is iffy…if this goes well then we’ll do that so….its a waiting game for now”

So for now all is doing well. I wish the best for him on his recovery and will keep this post updated as I hear more information!  Feel free to share your well wishes with him in the comments, or via Twitter: @JoeySCarr

UPDATE Day 2:  I just got the following message from Joey’s mom:

“He may be moving from ICU to the surgery floor if his chest tube seals itself.   His spirits are good right now but he still has a pain pump and an epidural controlling the pain. He said to tell everyone thanks for asking.”

It seems like he is recovering good!


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