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Apologetix – Live in Moravia NY – 11.15.2005

Years ago (way back in 2005) I had discovered the band Apologetix. While scanning through the radio I had discovered them through the song Smooth Grandmama (A parody of the Alien Ant Farm cover of the Michael Jackson song Smooth Criminal).

I was intrigued at the time because they were doing a radio contest where they were giving away a pair of tickets to their upcoming concert in Moravia, NY. So I listened and figured I would give it a shot. Another song comes on (I believe it was Baa! We’re Lambs a parody of the song Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys) and I called as quick as I could and became the winner of a pair of tickets.

That concert in Moravia NY was my first Apologetix concert. It was an amazing show and I had a blast. It was back in the days when Karl was still in the band. They played all of their classics.

As a bonus, while the auditorium was filling up they were collecting cards to join the fan club. So I filled out a card and thought nothing of it. A few minutes later they were calling names up front and I won a CD from the merch table. I couldn’t believe that I had won twice like that.

Fast forward to a bunch of years later (5ish years?): I was shopping at a Christian book store and came across a copy of a burned DVD that they were selling in a bargain bin that was labeled that same concert. So I bought it and sure enough it is a recording of that same concert. I was shocked to even see myself in the video as Karl did one of his amazing guitar solos.

Fast forward again a bunch of years, this time to the present (Is it still 2020?): I am packing up for another move half way across the country and I come across the disk again as I am boxing up my media. So I popped it into my computer and gave the entire thing another watch.

As I sat at the computer watching the video I thought that I would send an email to J Jackson (Singer) and ask him his thoughts on uploading the video to YouTube for all to see. He gave me the thumbs up, as well as an amazing in depth discussion on the copyright implementations of doing parodies. That made my day almost as much as the video itself!

I just hope that others will get even a fraction of the enjoyment I did out of it. 😄 I hope you are all doing well in these difficult times.