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Christmas Quiche

Our Merry Christmas breakfast that I whipped up. With some ham and spinach. (at Monticello, Minnesota)


Walking Dead #1

Lucy really enjoyed reading #TheWalkingDead issue #1. She really wants to watch the series now. #Comics #Zombies


Gift From My Love

Thank you to my love Brianne forgetting me an amazing popcorn popper as an early Father’s day gift. It will most definitely get used…. (at Monticello, Minnesota)


Hospital Trip

Rough day. Glad to be feeling better. Grateful for Brianne’s support all day, even though I don’t say it to her like I should.

Hoping that I can keep the bad feelings away now as I lay here and watch the rhythm of my heartbeat… Counting and looking for a normal pattern of beats. So far so good. (at Buffalo, Minnesota)



Sigh… (at Wright County Law Enforcement Center)